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The State Load Despatch Center is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the State of West Bengal in co-ordination with the generating utilities, Distributions licensees, ERLDC and ERPC.

SLDC Howrah, headed by Chief Engineer, carries out the responsibility as conferred by the WBERC and CERC and serves the State by performing the task of monitoring and controlling the State Power system Network under WBSETCL.

SLDC activities can be divided into two categories.

A) Real-time Mode Functions B) Pro-active mode Functions

(A) Real-time Mode Functions

  1. Network Management Vis-a-vis Load-flow Management on round the clock basis through out the STU network and inter-state tie-lines.

  2. Ensuring Security of the Grid under any abnormal /hazardous/ unforeseen events by taking corrective action on real time basis.

  3. Scheduling the available Generation and system demand for 96 time blocks in day under ABT regime and thereby ensuring optimum dispatch and utilization of Power.

  4. Monitoring the load Generation balance as per the schedule, inter-state tie-line flow along with other vital system parameters such as system voltages, frequency and also keep them within permissible limit.

  5. Handling open-access customer and monitoring trading of power as per schedule & approval.

(B) Pro-active mode Functions

  1. Planning and co-ordination with STU for planned shut-down of transmission lines,transformers,circuit breakers and other termial equipments, etc. to carryout preventive & routine maintenance of system elements.

  2. Planning and co-ordination with Generation utilities for planned shut down of genrating units for preventive and routine maintenance. sy

  3. Processing of STOA applications and issuance of no objection certificates for STOA as per provisions of regulations.

  4. Implementation of new regulations as amended from time to time by WBERC and CERC.

  5. Organizing SLCF meeting as per directives of WBERC for better co-ordination of different utilities for smooth operation of the power system within the state.

  6. Participating in the OCC meeting organized by ERPC for better co-ordination between different consituents for effective functioning of the Regional Grid as a whole.

  7. Preparation of various statistical report on system parameters and performance.

  8. Prepration of weekly UI Bills, monthly energy statements of Generating units and Distribution licenses as per the regulation under Energy Accounting activities. activities

  9. The SLDC, WB acts as payment gateway of UI transactions. The UI Pool Balance is maintained with appropriate amount as generated from capping amount etc. The UI Fund is suitably maintained and monitored by SLDC.

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