The Report titled SAMAST - “Scheduling, Accounting, Metering and Settlement of Transactions in Electricity” was published by the Forum of Regulators (FOR) on July 2016 with the objective of presenting the available experience of various aspects of energy accounting, metering, deviation settlement at the inter-state/intra-state level and evolving a uniform procedure for SAMAST in Electricity. The SAMAST report provides the roadmap for implementing a robust, scalable and dispute free scheduling, metering, energy accounting and settlement system in the states. The report lays down the basic framework and governance structure of SAMAST including information technology (IT) infrastructure and human resources required for market operations function discharged by the SLDCs.

In West Bengal, Intra-state ABT, Energy accounting and Deviation settlement for all intra-state entities has been operational since 01.04.2008 and governed through Hon’ble WBERC Regulations. Since then, different modules for State Level Energy Accounting system were in operation separately through legacy system.


In view of the above, as per guidance of Forum of Regulators (FOR) and Hon'ble WBERC for implementation of 'SAMAST' framework at the State Level in West Bengal, WBSLDC has decided to have a paradigm shift in the existing methodology of intra-state ABT mechanism which is running since 01.01.2008. WBSLDC has taken up a project for a comprehensive IT solution along with commensurate hardware installation at SLDC for intra-state energy accounting as well as for West Bengal power system data management based on 100 % metering and web-based schedulingwith help of new state of the art technology along with latest hardware and software support.

Highlights of the project are----

1) ABT meters and AMR system ---- This part of the project deals with installation of new boundary meters with a futuristic approach of having 5-mins scheduling provision.

2) Scheduling, Energy Accounting, Billing & SLDC Report, RE Forecasting & Schedule and Financial Accounting & Statutory compliance including all other hardware and software ----------- this part of the project is a integrated system of 6 nos. of different modules -1) Web based scheduling, 2) Open Access software module 3) Energy Accounting software module 4) Billing & SLDC, WBSETCL report module 5) RE Forecasting & Schedule module 6) Financial Accounting & statutory compliance module.